Best Party DIY’S

We all want to host the best party, make it a unique experience and have all of the guests amazed! Even better, hosting the best party ever, but staying on budget. All you need is a little creativity and these amazing DIY’s.


This magical unicorn is made by Oh happy day! It’s an easy makeover from ordinary donkey pinata to glitter unicorn pinata! Perfect for that birthday party that needed a little sparkle.

DIY by Aunt Peaches

What’s a party without a cake? Even worse, a cake without a cake topper? You don’t need a lot of skills to make these confetti cake topper, just some confetti and hot glue and the instructions on Aunt Peaches! Than just go ahead and spell out any name you want!


To stay in the confetti vibe, what about these strawberries? Super easy and looking at them already is a party! Just follow the simple instructions on The Capitol Baker and your good to go!

DIY by Oh happy day

Did we mention we loooove flamingo’s? And cocktails are not so bad either.. So what are you waiting for? Another awesome DIY by Oh Happy Day!


DIY by eHow

So if we’re not drinking cocktails, we’re drinking wine. So there must be some empty wine bottles laying around to create this serving plate. Just save those beautiful colored bottles and start melting! eHow will teach you how.


DIY by Elizabeth KartchnerThrow away those plastic decorations, and make your own bow garland! Super fun for a party, but even cuter for the bedroom of your little one! Elizabeth Kartchner will who you how to make these.

DIY by Linen, lace and love

And if you’re looking for some more DIY decorations, what about this tassel garland? Adjust the colors to your party theme and you’re good to go. There are a lot of DIY instructions out there for tassel garlands, but this one, by Linen, lace and love, is one of the easiest!



Keeping your drinks cool is always a challenge. Why not use festive balloons instead of those boring ice cubes? Not only adult-drinks are kept cool, but you can also use at a Summer party for your homemade lemonade! Check out a subtle revelry for your DIY instructions.

DIY by Best Friends for Frosting

We know what you’re thinking, confetti again? Yeah, sorry. Just no party without confetti! These confetti sticks are perfect party favors, or just keep them all to yourself and display them on your party table! Best Friends for Frosting will tell you how to make them!


Just the beginning of the perfect DIY’s for you party.We know, it’s not really organized and you want to make them all, but just hold on and we’ll find you more treasures to create the ultimate party!

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