Treasure hunting in Paris

Our first official treasure-hunting adventure, and we’re off to Paris! We have exactly 36 hours to find the most amazing treasures for you guys. So 8.00 am we start our short roadtrip of 4,5 hours!

Upon arrival we start with our dosis of inspiration in one of our favorite Parisian neighborhoods; Marais.

Perfect for lunch, with the streets full of patisseries, lunchrooms, bars and even better the oldest covered food market in upper Marais. So after a perfect Croque Madame we head off to the boutique shops, art galleries and for a stroll in a nearby park.

Sunday is the day when the real hunting begins. So after a good nights sleep, thanks too a perfect white wine, we head off to Playtime. One of the largest international Childrens Tradeshow.

IMG_2640Treasures in Paris
Treasures in Paris

Just a quick preview of the amazing collection of Mini Dressing, a designer from Korea. Just wait till we stock up our website to start shopping!

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